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My name is Malcolm and I am a freelance illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa.
I officially am an Architecture Graduate finishing 3 years at the University of Cape Town. My passion however lies in art, comics and design.

As a professional Illustrator, I have worked for Supa-Strikas, one of South Africa’s leading comic companies. I have also freelanced for various clients ranging from America all the way to Europe. In addition to this, I started my own t-shirt company at the beginning of 2011 called Rocketboi Concepts, which is growing ever steadily.

I like to think of my art as eclectic, borrowing from various forms of art and other visual communication. By blending aspects of several styles, I have made my own visually and conceptually unique. Some of my most prominent influences are comics, predominantly publications hailing from Europe and Japan. By sharing my talent and work with the rest of the world, I hope to encourage and inspire fellow artists in the same way in which my influences have inspired me.

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As a kid my love for cartoons was excessive. I wanted to be one, or at least have a cartoon pet. Neither happened so I just drew a lot.

In my early teens I also developed an insatiable thirst for travel and adventure, so I skipped University and strapped on a backpack, deciding to teach myself along the way. 8 years, many countries and several interesting jobs later I returned home to Durban and went straight into Freelancing.